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About Shower Tech

Shower Tech is a true stone tile & ceramic tile expert that not only installs stone tile & ceramic tile showers, but also shower pan replacements, handicapped showers, steam rooms, utility or slop sinks & more. With 30+ years of experience in thousands of homes and with hundreds of tile showers, Shower Tech doesn’t need to use ANY store bought shower installation systems.

Such systems are really for the “DIY” crowd or for weekend warriors. Shower Tech Contractors are trained properly to make such systems from higher quality materials, so your installation will last a lifetime.

Our photo galleries show our extensive experience with stone tile & ceramic tile showers, floors, walls, bath surrounds, etc. Beware of contractors that have just a few pictures in their galleries – you don’t know if that is 75% of their experience. We update our site several times a year to keep it up to date with the latest techniques and results.

We stand behind our work with an outstanding warranty, so why even consider anyone else?

We have seen many “shower experts” come and go over the years – we’ll be here for years to come producing high quality, guaranteed stone tile & ceramic tile installations for showers, baths, floors & walls – one at a time – year in and year out!

You CAN trust Shower Tech for all your stone tile & ceramic tile needs, at fair prices & with truly superior installs!